Nawsh (Naw_Shen_Nep)

Nawsh performing at heART BEAT

Nawsh, a.k.a. Naw_Shen_Nep, a.k.a. JagPaw, real name, Shaun Peña, comes straight from Ocean Beach, San Diego, California. From this unconventional neighborhood, Nawsh took an unconventional route to becoming a DJ. Embracing a culture that embraces all cultures can lead someone in a lot of directions and that is exactly where he went. Music has taken the lead for most of his life.
Nawsh’s musical resume includes playing guitar in a few obscure rock and metal bands, a stint in LA working as a recording engineer for 1500 or Nothin (Nipsey Hustle, David Banner, Jay-Z, T.I.) and Shaun Lopez (Far, ††† [Crosses]), independently producing for local pop, rock, indie, rap, and death metal artists in San Diego, and most recently, DJing.
Despite being late to fully catch on to the underground scene, Nawsh embraced many genres and honed his skills over the better part of a decade before finding the shoe truly fit with a twisted blend of house, breaks, and garage. Now after proving his abilities, professionalism, and passion for bringing a carefully curated experience to his listeners, Eye Omega has swooped him up to augment the team. You all should look forward to seeing this mustached character at some upcoming events!