Sneetek 2018 End of Year Mix

Like most of us SNEETEK, (Michael Locke) discovered rave parties in the early 90’s. Sneetek started attending shows in 93-94 and loved to dance. Growing up in, and around the electronic music scene. 96-97 was a game changer from the start for the young raver boy. Being fully entrenched in Drum and Bass it was only natural he started playing around with turntables and set out to be a DJ. In 04 he made a decision to take a break and focus on family, career and school. He came back working harder and with a vengeance, expanding his interest to include Breakbeats, and even a little Dub Step. His Breakbeat styles are banging. He’s on a mission to rock dancefloors and crank that bass. SNEETEK has gotten local love where he now resides in San Diego, catch him when you can, I’m sure you will enjoy the show.